Artikel bestellen aus den USA über shipito -> Fazit

Wie ich bereits berichtete, habe ich den Dienst shipito getestet.

Das von mir bestellte Case für mein Kindle Fire kam vorgestern an und zwar ohne Kratzer. Verpackt war es in einem

Somit betrug die Lieferzeit ca. drei Wochen, was absolut in Ordnung geht.

Fazit: Ich kann den Dienst shipito absolut empfehlen!

P.S.: Wer auf der Suche nach einem Case für den Kindle Fire ist:

Kindle Fire Case Amazon

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2 Gedanken zu “Artikel bestellen aus den USA über shipito -> Fazit

  1. Shipito is fraud! I had one good expirience with them and after that my nightmare with shipito started!

    Please, search more detailed trough Google about shipito using word „shipito“ with some of bad words „scam-fraud-cheat..“.

    There is so many unsatisfied and cheated customers.

    they offering cheapest service for mail forwardng, but not so cheap at all on the end when you add everything (final costs) they charge you for and plus your nerves with that absolutley idiotic customer service and employees!

    nThey trick me for over 200$ and treating me like a completley fool!

    is there anything to stop that cheaters bussines?
    Is there anything what customers can do except avoid?

    Greetings from Bayern.

    • I’m sorry for the bad experiences you have made.For now I am personally satisfied with the service. On google you will always find negative points, no matter what topic. But I will be ordering again over shipito and post how it went.


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